I think of the Daryl Hall & John Oates song “She’s Gone” except it’s “He’s Gone” instead… Yes, the Cleveland Browns have released wide receiver Jarvis Landry. There were a couple of issues with Landry heading into this upcoming season but the team and fans alike were hoping that they could be worked out…

The major problem?

Jarvis was owed 16 million this upcoming season. Releasing him saves the Browns 15.1 million in the salary cap.

Via Yahoo Sports: “Jarvis totaled last year 52 receptions for 570 yards and two touchdowns – all career-lows. He tallied 288 receptions for 3,560 yards and 15 touchdowns in 59 games for the Browns.”

With the acquisition of wide receiver Amari Cooper from the Cowboys, it was certain that something had to be done in regards to Landry. The Browns allowed the receiver to seek a trade and that did not work out.

Thus, the team released him.

Now, the Browns may use that 13th pick in the draft on a wide receiver to replace Landry here in Cleveland.

A big concern for fans is not who is catching the passes but who is throwing the football. Baker Mayfield struggled last season and there is no guarantee that he will be the starter next season. That remains to be determined but clearly, this team isn’t shy in making big moves. Mayfield could end up getting traded or something of that sort.

Landry did say he wanted to be in Cleveland…

Via ESPN: “He tweeted in February that he would “like to stay” in Cleveland, but he also said that he is confident he can still be a contributor for another team in “winning a championship.”

Well, Jarvis. Now, you’ll get the chance to sign with that team and go for a championship. That team may not pay you what you were owed in Cleveland for this upcoming year, though. Thank you for everything you contributed to the Browns and I’m sorry that it didn’t work out.

Hopefully, the Cleveland front office can make up for this loss in a positive manner and allow for the Browns to be a contender this upcoming season.

Why do I feel like the Browns will play whatever team Jarvis signs with…in the playoffs? Wouldn’t that just be fitting?

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