Tough Loss! Blame the Refs or Blame the Cavs? Takeaways:

Tristan Thompson??

The Athletic’s Mike O’Connor wrote in a piece recently discussing the problem with Tristan Thompson in this new offense.  He discussed how him being on the floor severely affects the team’s spacing.

Thompson played awfully today and there is no way around it. He has played awfully dating back to last year’s finals. O’Connor gave the hope that Thompson will fit in better once Isaiah Thomas came back into the lineup, using him in more pick and roll opportunities.

I love Thompson; he was a huge piece in the Cavs winning the title in 2016.  His presence as a rim protector and on the boards was huge in those finals. But as of late, including today, he has been non existent on the boards and underwhelming in the post.

If you have a guy whose main purpose is to be a rim protector and to snag offensive rebounds to give the team second chances offensively and he isn’t doing that, then what is the point?

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