Tough Loss! Blame the Refs or Blame the Cavs? Takeaways:

Instant Replay

This is an issue I have not just in basketball but in all sports. Jeff Van Gundy made a point that if the purpose of replay is to get the call right, why can’t they review fouls?  Van Gundy is on record for hating replay; he thinks the process takes too long and affects the game.

This has nothing to do with LeBron getting fouled twice on the same play in the final minute of the game. This has to do with if the purpose is to get the call right and they still can’t get the call right, then what is the purpose of instant replay? Why are we spending five minutes on a replay to see if the ball nicked the finger of a player? We now give each team an unofficial timeout to catch their breath. Isn’t that affecting the game more than to check the possession of the ball?

In terms of baseball, why are we spending all this time to see if the runner came off the bag for a millisecond even though he was clearly safe? The game flow is screwed up, the pitcher’s flow is screwed up and also the experience of watching the game is affected.

Van Gundy also made the point of if the point of replay is getting the call right, why can’t they review fouls? The replay clearly showed LeBron getting fouled on the drive but that is not “reviewable.”  So are we really getting the calls right?

Maybe one day I can write a piece about this alone, but my point is I am all for getting rid of replay as a whole in all of sports.

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