April 14, 2024

Tough Loss! Blame the Refs or Blame the Cavs? Takeaways:


Kevin Love

Love was awesome today and the narrative that he is a bad matchup against the Warriors is bogus. Today, he went for 31 points racking up 18 rebounds, seven of those were on the offensive end and 11 on defense. In last year’s finals, he averaged 16 and 11.

The hate on Kevin Love needs to stop. He has become a viable second option and when Isaiah Thomas comes back, he is more than capable to slide in as the third option for this team again. But, who knows, maybe Love becomes the second option and Thomas becomes the third option.

Point being, stop the Kevin Love hate, stop the trade rumors. This is coming from someone who wrote a couple weeks ago that the Cavs should seriously consider trading Kevin Love for Paul George. Hand up in the air – I was wrong for thinking the Cavs should do so. If the Cavs can trade for Paul George they should, but if it involves Kevin Love, I say “hell no.”

Kevin Love is good, stop with the trade rumors.

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