Top Pick gives Fans hope at Reunion with the King

 By Eric Szczepinski

            June 2nd 2007. 20,562 celebrated and screamed in joy because LeBron James had inched the city of Cleveland closer to its first championship since 1964. LeBron  had the entire city of Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio on his back as he lead his Cavaliers team to its first ever NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.  As emotions soared after the best moment in Cavs history and most excited a city has been and energized since the Indians appeared in World Series in ’95 and ’97. LeBron was on a quest to give Cleveland what it deserved, a championship. LeBron was set to be the forever King of Cleveland. “This is the best thing that ever happened to me, man…. But look here, look here. It doesn’t stop” James said after winning a series clinching game 6 victory. In game 5 LeBron put all of Ohio on his back as he scored 29 of the final 30 points for the Cavs to lead them past Detroit in a double OT victory. LeBron James had the entire city of Cleveland in his hands. Cleveland fans could finally see the horizon of a potential NBA Championship.   4 more victories for the wine and gold and the Cleveland curse would be lifted. Until, the Cavs ran into the Spurs who swept the series 4-0. Cleveland was on the cusp of greatness and dreamed of many more NBA Finals as long as LeBron was on their side.

The Cavs and LeBron did not appear in another NBA Finals together which lead to one of the worst days in Cleveland Sports history. July 8th 2010. Well everyone’s hearts were broken on this bitter day and fans still cringe to think about it. So, we will leave that at that.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not made the playoffs since his departure and have been left in despair. The only bright spot in young all-star point guard Kyrie Irving.  For the 3rd time in four years the Cavs won the NBA Draft Lottery with only a 1.7% chance at gaining the top selection. The Cavs have yet again defied all the odds and with 3 top prospects and so many trade options the Cavs have all the ammunition to pair another superstar with Kyrie. Suddenly, the Cavs could quickly have a great 1-2 punch. LeBron has an option in his contract to hit the free agent market again this season. The Heat are currently aging and LeBron has to carry the team much like he did here in Cleveland. A young star like Kyrie should appeal to LeBron as his destination.

The question is does a young Cavs nucleus of talent appeal to LeBron? And can the city of Cleveland forgive LeBron for all the pain and suffering of watching him win titles in Miami? The answer is yes. The city of Cleveland is ready for a reunion with the “King”.  Cleveland Fans would welcome LeBron back and it would be the greatest story of childhood hero turned evil, come back to amend his past mistakes and make all right. The top Pick provides Cleveland the opportunity of there very own big 3. The question is does LeBron want to make right and be a hero forever in the city he once was beloved and give him their long lost Championship.

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