These are my top-five Rocky scenes not including fights.

  1. Rocky I – When Mickey comes to visit Rocky, it is the best scene. Remember, he kind of kicked Rocky out of his training club, yet he’s apologizing while at the same time asking to be Rocky’s manager for this huge upcoming fight. I also love when he points out the turtles. Forgiveness is an important part of life and it is displayed right here:

2. Rocky III – Rocky is totally screwed up mentally after getting his ass beat by Clubber Lang (Mr. T). It takes a woman’s touch in Adrian, his wife, to get him in the right mode for the rematch, but to honestly face his fears head-on. Well, as we know, it ends up working. YO ADRIAN!

3. Rocky III – I love Apollo Creed and Carl Weathers does such a great job as playing this part of a villain turned friend. Without his proposal to help Rocky and create this “Eye of Tiger” concept, Rocky never wins the rematch. Additionally, he teaches Rocky how to fight like him, which helps as well.

4. Rocky II – I love when Duke (the trainer) basically says Rocky defies logic and is able to take more punches than a normal fighter. Even though he says that Apollo should fight someone else, that is not what the champ is set on. Creed should have taken his advice.

5. Rocky Balboa – This I have mixed feelings about. The reason I have it on the list is that it is probably the most popular Rocky quote out there, despite the fact that I find it a bit cliche and scripted. Regardless, the message is very good. However, if you think logically, who could come up with that on the spot? Well, I guess it’s a movie.

Hope you like my list and remember – keep punchin’!

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