Josh McDaniels

Last but not least. Another name that floats out there this time of year. The highly-coveted offensive coordinator of the Patriots. His success in New England is self-explanatory with five Super Bowl rings as a result. He tried the head coaching gig before and had mixed results in less than two years in Denver. It started with a controversy surrounding the trust between McDaniels and then quarterback, Jay Cutler. It was a trade rumor involving Cutler and Matt Cassel, a member of McDaniels’ former team. That news report destroyed any hopes of a relationship between coach and quarterback. Cutler was eventually traded to Chicago for Kyle Orton. The Broncos got off to a 6-0 start before injuries hobbled Orton. They finished 8-8 and got off to a 3-9 start the following season before Josh was fired and eventually returned to New England and the rest is history. Every season his name pops up for interviews, yet he stays with the Patriots. I don’t blame him, though. He is in a perfect situation where you are in playoffs, if not Super Bowl contention each year, and Bill Belichick isn’t going to coach forever. Josh would be crazy if he didn’t want that New England job. McDaniels won’t just take any job and Cleveland may not be appealing. I also heard that McDaniels would be a package deal with personnel director Nick Caserio for a team looking for a GM. I doubt the 42-year-old is drooling over the job because he did turn down an interview in the past, but the team may be more appealing now with a young roster and five picks in the first two rounds of this upcoming draft.

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