Jon Gruden

He is a household name and is on the coaching search radar every year despite being an ESPN analyst since 2009. He personally interviews every quarterback entering the draft in his own segment called Gruden’s QB Camp. He gets a firsthand look at all the incoming talent. Now, I don’t know how he felt about DeShone Kizer, but if it was anything positive, that will work in Cleveland’s favor. The Browns possess assets like solid defensive pieces and young offensive weapons that could entice Gruden to come to the dark side. Sorry, bad Star Wars joke. Seriously, though. I have heard the rumors about Jon Gruden returning to Tampa Bay as he still has a house in the area and ties to ownership and it’s more likely to happen than what I want, but he should at least consider the Browns who will have nearly $100 million in salary-cap space. Not to mention, he was born in Sandusky and who better to turn the franchise around than an Ohio native?

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