Now, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Jimmy Haslam commit to Hue Jackson for the 2018 season? Yes, this is true, but he has made similar statements before. He has a track record of stating that we have the right people in place. He said that Friday about John Dorsey and Hue Jackson. He also said that about Jackson and Sashi Brown prior to the 2015 season and again before the 2013 season with Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine in place.

Maybe this time it’s different.

He is committed to Jackson for 2018 and beyond, but I will believe it when I see it. It is tough to rationalize a defense to retain Jackson for next season. I mean, he currently has a 1-28 record in less than two years and the Cleveland Browns have yet to win on a Sunday under Jackson’s tutelage. I have seen worse teams win more games than the Browns have in recent years. It’s tough to watch and I know there are arguments that can be made for Hue, but until I see more than a verbal commitment, here is my opinion on the top five candidates the Browns should look at if Hue is relieved of duty:

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