#5 – BakerMania!

Last year’s draft process was full of heated debate but looking back after one year, the Browns clearly made the right move. Drafting QB Baker Mayfield seems like a forgone conclusion right now, but who remembers when Jimmy Haslam was sitting with Sam Darnold’s parents at USC’s Pro Day? Or when there were rumors that QB Josh Allen was going to be the pick at #4 while the Browns draft RB Saquan Barkley at #1? Also, while Baker was the headliner, getting CB Denzel Ward, RB Nick Chubb, WR Antonio Callaway and LB Genard Avery has helped solidify the Browns as they look to make the playoffs in 2019. This was the type of draft we were hoping for in 1999; this was what we expected out of the two first round picks we ended up with in 2007; Baker is what we hoped Johnny would have been and all the “We Could Have Hads” no longer matter!

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