#2 – Joe Thomas or Brady Quinn? How About Both!

In the leadup to the 2007 draft, the big question was who would the Browns draft when given the option of LT Joe Thomas and QB Brady Quinn. Both players fit positions that needed to be upgraded and it was a big debate. Those who wanted Thomas felt that drafting him would solidify the left side of the line for at least a decade, while those in favor of Quinn pointed to the fact that winning starts with the quarterback and he played well in a Pro Style offense at Notre Dame and by the way, he’s from Ohio. When the Browns drafted Thomas at #3 many fans were disappointed that Quinn would probably be going to some other team like the Miami Dolphins. When the Dolphins passed on him for WR Ted Ginn Jr. it started one of the more interesting plummets in NFL Draft history. The Browns traded back into the 1st round and picked the Golden Domer at pick 22. Thomas went on to have a Hall of Fame career and Brady Quinn did not.

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