It is Draft Week sports fans! Even though the Browns do not have a 1st round pick (as of now) I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming draft. The truth is I have always been a fan of the NFL Draft and in this article, I am going to share my five favorite draft moments since 1999 as it pertains to the Browns.

#1 – The 1999 Draft

Coming back into existence, the 1999 Draft was going to be what the Browns were built around. They did get decent contributions from their top seven picks, QB Tim Couch, WR Kevin Johnson, LB Rahim Abdullah, CB Daylon McCutcheon, DB Marquis Smith, LB Wali Rainer and WR Darrin Chiaverini. There was such great excitement when Couch was announced as the top pick and it got even stronger when he played in the first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys (I still have that game on VHS) and when starting QB Ty Detmer was ineffective Couch got to play. Unfortunately due to coaching changes and injuries we never got to see how good Couch could have been.

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