Top Dawgs Week Two

Updated: September 21, 2017

Hey, Cleveland. I won’t insult your intelligence by trying to put some sort of positive spin on Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. The best news of the day, aside from Joe Thomas’ 10,000th consecutive snap, is that the game eventually ended. Every time I felt that frightening glimmer of hope, the Browns managed to grab defeat from the gaping jaws of victory. I still believe that the team has some players who could become great, how or when this greatness descends upon these players is really anyone’s guess. However, given the fact that this column is to recognize the offensive and defensive “Top Dawgs,” I chose Rashard Higgins and Christian Kirksey.

In a game that displayed more than a little ugly, Rashard Higgins managed to put in a respectable day’s work in Baltimore. The second-year wide receiver nabbed 11 passes for 95 yards on the day. While number 81 won’t turn too many heads with these stats, I think he deserves credit for hanging on to 11 passes. He gave me a few reasons to smile and say “hell, yes, it’s about time,” in a game with very few bright spots. Now that Corey Coleman has a broken hand, I’m expecting Higgins to step up his game and hopefully become a go-to guy for Kizer, Hogan, Kessler, the popcorn guy…you know, whoever is under center at any given moment. So, congrats, Rashard Higgins, you were a bright spot on a grim horizon.

Linebacker Christian Kirksey gets Top Dawg recognition for his work in the Browns-Ravens game last Sunday. It is our defense that still gives me the bit of hope, which I cling to with great tenacity. Sunday in Baltimore Kirksey had some heads-up plays, including a sack. He was also a part of nine tackles, six of these were solo efforts. With the Browns changing defensive coordinators, some are expecting Greg Williams to tap Kirksey for a more dominant part of the defense. I believe Kirksey could really put his mark on this defense if given a chance. Congratulations, Christian, you are the week two defensive Top Dawg.

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