Top Dawgs Week Six

Updated: October 20, 2017

Hey, Cleveland! Would whoever let the dawgs out please find them and kindly return them to First Energy Stadium? I’m looking for some Top Dawgs and it is getting hard to spot any. The week six game in Houston was abysmal and right now the portrait of our Browns looks a lot like a caricature.

However, another loss does not completely negate good individual play. If we are fair, there were a few moments in our loss to Houston where the team looked above average. Let’s acknowledge the hard work that the team put in while we honor this week’s Top Dawgs, Kasen Williams and Jason McCourty.

After wide receiver Kasen Williams was inexplicably cut by the Seattle Seahawks, I was thrilled we picked him up because I believed he could be a playmaker for the Browns. He hasn’t caught fire yet, but he also has not had continuity from the quarterback position. He did give the Browns a solid performance on Sunday in Houston. Williams averaged just over 10 yards per reception and caught four out of the six passes targeted at him. I believe Williams will continue to make his presence known this season and could be a dominant member of the Browns’ receiving corps.

Jason McCourty earned Top Dawg recognition by doing something no other Browns team member could manage through three-plus quarters of gameplay; he returned an interception 56 yards for a touchdown. This made the blowout game look a little more respectable. McCourty’s pick six also fired up the team and fans who were fading like a field of bluebells in the hot Texas sun. The pick was his third this season and McCourty’s 16th career interception. While his play against the Texans was not exceptionally inspiring, McCourty was solid in Houston.

Tennessee will be in town Sunday and our Browns will be looking for their first win. Will this be the week? Who knows, but a win would be great as we head into our game in London on the 29th of this month.

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