Hey, Cleveland, ummm…nice weather we’ve been having, right? Yes, I know this is supposed to be my weekly attempt at putting lipstick on a dog to pretty up this team so that our Cleveland Browns don’t seem so bad.

Before I get to that, I have to say; this has been one hell of a tough week. Not just our loss to the Bengals, but the continuing divisive controversy about the National Anthem, the news of the unrelenting devastation in Puerto Rico, and of course the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas.

It seems to me that when sincerely tragic events happen, they put other things, like wins and losses on the gridiron, in perspective. The loss to the Bengals hurt, this whole season hurts, but after a week like the one that just passed, I see things through a wider lens, and it makes me grateful; even grateful for the beleaguered Browns.
Once again, my choices for Top Dawgs were limited this week. However, there were some players who caught my attention, in a good way. So, here are my Top Dawgs for game four against the Cincinnati Bengals.

I’m pretty sure there are a few eyes rolling at this choice, but even though I am a fan of DeShone Kizer, I’m choosing Hogan for the simple reason that he put some points on the scoreboard. I know seven points made no difference in the final analysis. We were awful on Sunday, and I don’t pin the loss on Kizer alone. It takes a bonafide team effort to tank that badly against a team that had a 0-3 record. For what it was worth, Hogan took a shutout and turned it into a terrible loss. That is, sadly, enough to gain recognition as week four’s offensive Top Dawg.

I have been a fan of Ogbah since the 2016 draft; he has a solid skill set that will serve him well in the NFL. In week four against the Bengals, Ogbah got his second sack of this season along with six tackles, four being solo tackles. In my opinion, Ogbah is a bright spot in a defense that has been rather drab so far, this season. I am eagerly waiting to see how Ogbah and Myles Garrett work together, once Garrett returns. For now, congratulations Emmanuel Ogbah, you are the Defensive Top Dawg for week number four.

The New York Jets will be in town for week five this coming Sunday. I’m hopeful that we could see a Browns win. Until next time, keep the faith, Cleveland.

Image credits Americanfootballinternationa.com and Profootballweekly.com

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