Top Dawgs Week Five

Updated: October 14, 2017

Hey, Cleveland…as a city, we have had better weeks in sports than this past week. Sunday’s Browns loss to the Jets, was exceptionally frustrating because there were times when we looked like we had a chance. I mean, we had an actual lead in this game. Regardless, there were some great moments in the game which influenced my week five Top Dawg choices.

Offensive Top Dawg- David Njoku. In an offense that still seems to be looking to find itself, Njoku’s play stood out as excellent. His one-handed touchdown catch of a pass from Kevin Hogan was superbly executed. The catch is Njoku’s third reception for a touchdown, and if Njoku had any doubters, his solid play should convert them to fans. Of course, I’ll take a minute to criticize the underutilization of the rookie player who only saw 35 plays from scrimmage. At the end of the day, Njoku and Hogan could prove to be a winning combination; the best way to find out is to keep Njoku on the field and give the kid a chance.

Defensive Top Dawg- Myles Garrett There was so much excitement about Garrett’s rookie debut, that it felt like the second coming of Biblical proportion. I, along with multitudes of other fans, players, and staff anticipated big gameplay from Garrett. Our number one draft pick did not disappoint. On his first play from scrimmage, Garrett sacked Jets quarterback Josh McCown for a loss and showed no signs of backing down. He played fewer than 20 snaps, yet Garrett toppled McCowan for a second sack. In a frightful turn of events, Garrett limped off of the field, and the wellbeing of his injured ankle was called into question. I like the plan of being cautious with Garrett until he is 100%; we stand to benefit greatly from what he brings to the field.

I know that this has been an unprecedentedly long struggle. Sunday’s game at Houston gives this team another opportunity to show us what our Dawgs can do. Keep the faith, Cleveland; if being a Brown’s fan was easy anyone could do it.

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