Hey, Cleveland!

Once again, another week closer to the end of this season. The Week 14 loss to the Green Bay Packers was gut-wrenching in so many ways. I have begun to question if it is better to watch a blowout game, entirely numb from the futility, or to watch a game with moments where we look competent and that tiny spark of hope begins to glimmer. Either way, a loss just hurts. Because I am, above all stubborn as the day is long, here are my Top Dawgs for Week 14.

The Browns defense went to prevent mode, presumably to help prevent a Cleveland win, but earlier in the game, there were times when they looked good. My defensive Top Dawg for Week 14 is Nate Orchard. His play was not flashy, but Orchard’s solid performance was punctuated with a quarterback sack and that always looks good.


Our offense seemed to be jelling, at least for a while. Top Dawg honors go to Josh Gordon. While three receptions for 69 yards and one touchdown are not earth-shaking stats, Gordon brought a fun and entertaining feel to the game with his sideline antics and he also drew the attention of Green Bay’s defense, allowing opportunities for other players.

Nice work Dawgs, now how about a surprise victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday in the last home game this season?

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