Hey, Cleveland, well we have 11 games down and five to go. This has been quite the journey so far; I’d be willing to bet that all Browns fans thought we would see at least a few W’s by now. I still believe that this team has its bright spots and there are moments when I see improvement. Somehow this is not enough to translate into a win, much less a winning season. I did see some good solid play against the Bengals in week 12. Here are the week 12 Top Dawgs.

Offense: DeShone Kizer
While he still is not the miracle-working rookie many fans had hoped to see, Kizer has shown slow but somewhat steady improvement. In a season where I have spent so much time celebrating the small nuances of the Brown’s play, Kizer has given me a reason to pause and appreciate the fact that he has never given up and that he has made strides to becoming a proficient NFL quarterback. Ok, I’ll grant you some of those strides look more like baby-steps, and several have been in the wrong direction. However, Kizer’s stats from the game in Cincinnati are an improvement from some of his more dismal weeks. Against the Bengals, Kizer was 18 of 31, and he logged 286 passing yards. The most exciting stat I can see is that Kizer was turnover-free, for the whole game. Sure, he had that fumble that he recovered, but this was a game played without a single interception. It is a small success, but in what is one of the worst football seasons I can remember, I’ll take it.

Defense: Joe Schobert
I’ve been a fan of Joe Schobert since the day Cleveland drafted him. He has a tough attitude and a fine college resume (as you can see here https://clesportstalk.com/its-joe-the-show-time-in-cleveland/ ) In the year and a half that he has been a part of the franchise, Schobert has grown and improved. He played a good hard-hitting game against the Bengals with 13 tackles, 10 of those were solo and two were for losses. Our defense has been a small saving grace for me this season; with Myles Garrett missing some games and the loss of Emmanuel Ogbah for the balance of the season the other players have had some extra pressure placed on their shoulders. I feel that Schobert is one player who has stepped up his game and assumed the responsibility admirably.

So, for lucky week 13 we are off to the west coast to take on the Los Angles Chargers (does that name still sound strange to anyone else?) I am excited that Josh Gordon will be suiting up for the game. Flash may still have a little rust to work off, but I am hoping he gives the Browns the spark we need -pun intended- to bring home a win.

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