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It’s almost Sunday again and I’d be remiss if I were to miss a chance to name the Browns Top Dawgs for Week 10 against the Detroit Lions. Now, am I alone in believing that there were actual glimmers of what resembled hope in this game? Kenny Britt’s touchdown catch and those back to back scoring drives, these are the things that build hope. Of course, hopes and our dreams of that elusive first victory this season quickly dissipated as the game wore on in Detroit. We eventually lost, but there were some moments that made my Top Dawgs picks easy this week.

Offensive Top Dawg – Isaiah Crowell

Sometimes, I forget just how much I love watching the Crow when he is on a roll. In the game against the Detroit Lions, I remembered. In my opinion, it has felt like Crowell has been due for a game with some good breakout runs for a while. It was a joy to watch him gain his 90 rushing yards and score that TD. I’m hoping for an exciting performance from “The Crow” in Week 11 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With any luck at all maybe Crowell will be busy enough with some great plays to wear out that awful quacking sound that plays at First Energy Stadium, so that it can be replaced by a recording of authentic crow sounds.

Defensive Top Dawg- Emmanuel Ogbah

Much has been said about the Browns defense this season and one of the players who is turning heads is a second-year defender, Emmanuel Ogbah. While Ogbah typically makes his presence known on the field, I believe he shined brightly in Week 10. I think anyone who can log four sacks in a single game deserves a nod of appreciation, even if the game ultimately ended in a loss.

So, Cleveland faithful, are we ready for Week 11? Jacksonville could be a challenging roadblock on our way to the win column. Hopefully, our big Dawgs are ready to howl on Sunday afternoon.

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