Hey, Cleveland.

No need to sugar coat things, the overtime loss in Tampa Bay just plain hurt. It has me wondering what is worse from a fan perspective, numbly watching your team ground into the turf, or frantically cheering an unlikely comeback only to have your guts ripped out at the end? I can’t say for sure, but for me, feeling the bright spark of hope unceremoniously snuffed out by an overtime loss hurts a hell of a lot more.

Even though the ending was awful, there were some bright spots in the Week 7 game against the Buccaneers. Rookie Nick Chubb looked like he is growing into his role and had some good carries and a rushing touchdown. Our defense had some stellar takeaways. As someone who chokes on the name Jameis Winston, I felt great joy every time we hurried, hassled, or otherwise flattened him.

It was difficult to choose a Top Dawg from Week 7, but overall, I was really pleased with Christian Kirksey’s play. He intercepted Winston and recovered a fumble and had a total of seven solo tackles for the day. Kirksey also brings one of those “intangible” elements to the game, a spark of intensity, that elevates everyone. While we are still struggling to convert takeaways into points, the ability to make those plays and be a strong presence on the field makes Kirksey this week’s Top Dawg.

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Week 1: Denzel Ward – 2 INT
Week 2: Larry Ogunjobi – 2 Sacks
Week 3: Carlos Hyde – 2 TD’s 98 yards rushing
Week 4: Nick Chubb – 100+ yards rushing and two touchdowns
Week 5: Baker Mayfield – 25/43, 342 yards and a touchdown
Week 6: Britton Colquitt- 242 yards punting averaging 40.3 yards a punt

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