If you somehow missed the Week 14 matchup against the Carolina Panthers at First Energy Stadium, I’m sorry. You missed some great plays and a winning performance that would make a grown fan cry…with joy.

Baker Mayfield’s deep passes left me speechless. (NOT an easy thing to do). My man Myles Garrett got up-close with Cam Newton and I believe I saw a campfire around a pylon. Yes, it was a good day to love the Browns.

As always, on a good day, choosing a Top Dawg is a little tricky. There were some stand-out plays and players. However, this week I’m giving the nod to number 80, Jarvis Landry.

Aside from being the first Browns player since Leroy Hoard in 1991 to have a 50+ yard catch and a 50+ yard rush in the same game, Landry went in for six on a nifty little sweep that no Panthers saw coming. The catch was a 51-yard strike which Mayfield threw with surgical precision into double coverage. The run was essentially the same sweep as the play Landry scored with only this time, he went 51 yards to set up a Nick Chubb TD.

Great work Jarvis, you are the Top Dawg for Week 14.

Week 1: Denzel Ward – 2 INT
Week 2: Larry Ogunjobi – 2 Sacks
Week 3: Carlos Hyde – 2 TD’s 98 yards rushing
Week 4: Nick Chubb – 100+ yards rushing and two touchdowns
Week 5: Baker Mayfield – 25/43, 342 yards and a touchdown
Week 6: Britton Colquitt- 242 yards punting averaging 40.3 yards a punt
Week 7: Christian Kirksey- Fumble recovery and an interception
Week 8: Myles Garrett- Sacking and harassing the Q.B.
Week 9: Duke Johnson- Two touchdowns through the air
Week 10: Coach Gregg Williams- Steering the team in the right direction
Week 12: Damarious Randall- Interception and giving the ball to Hue
Week 13: Interior offensive line- Protecting Baker Mayfield and containing Watt

Image Credit: archysport.com


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