Hey, Cleveland!

How about those Browns? No, seriously. They played their first penalty-free game since 1956. I know, I hear ya “big (insert expletive here) deal!” Clearly, it would be a much more significant achievement in the eyes of the fans if a nice shiny win would have come along for the ride.

While I am giving out accolades, cheers to the fans who braved the first real football weather of the season and endured till the game ended. Just for the record, I called no fans who left early ‘rats’ this week.

I don’t dispute the fact that we have plenty to grumble about. I still refuse to be overcome with the sadness which emanates from First Energy Stadium. There were some standout players in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Granted, the multitude of miserable mistakes make that ‘L’ seem much worse, but right now, I’d like to recognize the solid play of my Top Dawgs for Week 11.

Offense: Corey Coleman

In a game with few redeeming offensive moments, wide receiver Corey Coleman managed to give the fans something to cheer about. In his first game since week two, Coleman nabbed six passes for a total of 80 yards. While that was not enough to atone for the miscues of everyone else, it did give the team a spark of energy.

Defense: Christian Kirksey

The Browns defense received some praise for holding their own against a tough Jaguars offense and rightly, so; they showed some solid and determined play. One defender who did a particularly fine job was linebacker, Christian Kirksey. Number 58 logged one sack as well as eight solo tackles and five assisted tackles. Kirksey’s play fired up the rest of the Browns defense and it was exciting to see an elevated level of intensity.

Our Browns head down to Cincinnati on Sunday for another chapter in the battle of Ohio saga. Here’s hoping the team gives us something to be thankful for this week. Also, my best wishes to you and yours for a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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