Say it with me now… “HOW ABOUT THOSE BROWNS?”

The sound defeat of the Atlanta Falcons by our Cleveland Browns was a thing of beauty. In fact, there are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe the excellent play by the entire team.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure who I wanted as the Top Dawg until I woke up today. Choosing a Top Dawg for Week 10 was tougher than most weeks, last season included. When I watch a Browns game, I am always on the lookout for my dawg. Normally he’s the player with a standout play, exceptional leadership or inspiring stats. Well, in the game against the Falcons we saw records broken, great leadership, key players return from injury and some goal-line work that made me tear up a bit.

It was a total TEAM victory.

While there were so many players who would be perfect Top Dawgs, I’m going a different route this week. I’m giving the distinction to the man behind the team victory, Interim Head Coach Gregg Williams. The metamorphosis we have seen since Williams has taken the top spot has been fantastic. Even in the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the team looked better. Against the Falcons, we looked organized, disciplined and on point. Even the broadcast team remarked about our lack of penalties during the first half. We did not squeak out a victory, we flat out beat Atlanta and it felt great.

I know this is meant to be a temporary situation. Williams will resume his defensive coordinator job next season and we will get a new head coach chosen by John Dorsey, not Jimmy Haslam (pause for a moment of quiet rejoicing). But for now, I feel good about Williams in the driver’s seat.

While I never imagined choosing the head coach as my Top Dawg, I really believe the win was indicative of Gregg Williams’ skills behind the clipboard. Congrats, Coach Williams you are this week’s Top Dawg.

Week 1: Denzel Ward – 2 INT
Week 2: Larry Ogunjobi – 2 Sacks
Week 3: Carlos Hyde – 2 TD’s 98 yards rushing
Week 4: Nick Chubb – 100+ yards rushing and two touchdowns
Week 5: Baker Mayfield – 25/43, 342 yards and a touchdown
Week 6: Britton Colquitt- 242 yards punting averaging 40.3 yards a punt
Week 7: Christian Kirksey- Fumble recovery and an interception
Week 8: Myles Garrett- Sacking and harassing the Q.B.
Week 9: Duke Johnson- Two touchdowns through the air


Image Credit: Bleacherreport.com

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