Hey, Cleveland. Is anyone else feeling a little anticipation seeing the NFL Combine and its impressive film clips? For me, the time spent thinking about the NFL Draft usually turns into a visit from ‘The Ghost of Draft Days Past.’ (Although the Browns’ 2018 Draft left me with no reason to fear the specter, he lingers.)

What does this have to do with the Top Dawg Tuesday throwback, you ask? Plenty when you realize we are revisiting former Browns’ quarterback DeShone Kizer’s Top Dawg selection from Week 12.

If you think back, you may recall that Kizer was Cleveland’s second-round quarterback, coming to us at number 52. At that time, there was division among Browns fans as to whether Myles Garrett deserved the number one spot or if one of the draft class’ young quarterbacks, like Mentor native Mitchell Trubisky, deserved the nod. To the chagrin of the “choose a quarterback first” club, Garrett became Cleveland’s number one pick. This choice led us to select Kizer as our hopeful franchise quarterback.

I believe the kid tried to live up to the shine from Notre Dame’s Golden Dome. There were some instances where he looked good. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time to become the next Joe Montana. Eventually, we sent him packing to Green Bay, where he backs up Aaron Rodgers.

While the hopes we had for Kizer were never realized, his mentor in Green Bay can teach him a lot, if he wants to learn.

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