September 28, 2022

Hey, Cleveland. Well, preseason 2018 is in the books and I like the 3-1 record, not undefeated and not rampaged over, either.  After watching the Browns game on Thursday night, I decided that Nate Orchard is my Top Dawg for his play against the Lions in Detroit. A pick six is always a beautiful thing to see. Hell, anytime the defense is putting points on the board it is a beautiful thing to see. Unfortunately, that will be Orchard’s last noteworthy play in a Cleveland uniform, as he is no longer with the team. He’s a victim of roster cuts.

I know some fans won’t miss Orchard. I like the guy, but of course, I realize my opinion and 50 cents won’t get me a cup of coffee anywhere in town. Once again, it is time to ‘trust the process’ and hope for the best.

The business of sports is my least favorite thing about sports. I am reasonably sure that I am not alone in that thinking. While, as an adult fan, who watched the entire team leave the city, I deal with the comings and goings of my favorite Cleveland players better than I did when I was a star-struck kid who couldn’t fathom why my favorite guys were gone.

So, as the Cleveland Browns organization wishes Nate Orchard the best of luck in all of his future endeavors, I would like to say, “Thanks, Nate, for whatever it is worth, you were my Top Dawg for the last game of the 2018 preseason. Godspeed.”

Image: Fox

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