April 23, 2024

Top 5 Cleveland Cavalier Scoring Performances of All Time


Yeah, last night was great.

Kyrie took over the entire offense and scored a whopping 55 points in a pretty close win over the Trail Blazers (32-14) by a score of 99-94. The show he put on proved to Cleveland his ability to not only pass and play as a sidekick to LeBron James but also score and take over the offense. His feat rivaled some of the best Cavalier single games by any player. However, that does make us wonder who else has accomplished a feat similar to that of Kyrie’s last night.

In this list, we count down the Top 5 Cleveland Cavalier Scoring Performances ever. It’s based on not only the total point amount, but also the importance of the game and the significance of the win. This takes into consideration playoff impacts and how the momentum swung post-game. 

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