Top 10 Shooting Guards To Ever Play In The NBA

The NBA has had some amazing players throughout its history, and almost all of them played the role of shooting guard. This position is the most iconic in the game and creates the biggest support from the crowds.


Knowing which shooting guard is playing in a game can dramatically affect the NBA live odds, especially if there is a replacement halfway through the game. 


With such a star-studded position, it’s time to figure out who the top 10 shooting guards are!


  1. Michael Jordan

Is it a shock to anyone, to see Michael Jordan in our top spot? This legend is the most decorated shooting guard ever. Here are just a few of his numerous titles: 6 time NBA Champion, 6 time Finals Most Valuable Player award winner, and 10 time Scoring Champion. 


His amazing skills were noticed as soon as he entered as a rookie. He earned the 1985-1985 Rookie of the Year award, which started off this epic player’s inspiring journey.


  1. Kobe Bryant

Bryant retired in 2016 as the third-highest scorer of all time, but it’s his long list of awards and amazing stats which puts him clearly in the second place position.


Kobe was a 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time Finals Most Valuable Player award winner, and 2 time Scoring Champion.


Throughout his career, Bryant was taking the game in his stride. He was on 18 All-Star teams and if it wasn’t for Michael Jordan, Bryant would have easily taken the first place spot.


  1. Dwyane Wade

Wade was so fast on his feet that many fans called this hero “The Flash” after the DC Comics legend. Wade won the NBA championships 3 times and was the greatest player ever to grace the Miami Heat team.


He ended his career with an average of 22 points per game making him one of the best shooting guards of all time!


  1. Jerry West

At this point, the top shooting guards become a little less clear. Our 3 heroes above stand leaps and bounds above the rest, but we have to split hairs to figure out the next best players.


Jerry West made this problem super easy. His career ended with 47.7% when aiming from the field and a whopping 81.4% when shooting at the free-throw line. This means he totaled an average of 27 points per game throughout his whole career!


  1. Allen Iverson

Iverson may not have won an NBA Championship yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the race. He achieved everything you could possibly want to achieve as a shooting guard, but that dream title. Iverson won the Most Valuable Player award, was a 4 time Scoring Champion, and ended his career with an amazing 26.7 points per game average total.


  1. Clyde Drexler

For a long time, Drexler was the pinnacle of shooting guard greatness. He was an all-around great player, and his skills were unmatched. He played in 10 All-star games and ran rings around his competitors. 


However, times moved on from Drexler and the number one spot is no longer his. With just one Championship title to his name, we couldn’t put Drexler any higher than 6th.


  1. James Harden

Harden is a phenomenal all-around player, which might be why he hasn’t reached higher in this list. His amazing playmaking skills make him a sought-after center, which is why he often switches between shooting guard and other positions. 


Although he hasn’t won the championships, Harden is a 3 times Scoring Champion, the 2018 Most Valuable Player award winner, and has a 25.2 points per game average!


  1. George Gervin

Gervin was the first small scorer to dominate the courts. Doing what others thought was impossible, Gervin became a 4 time Scoring Champion, landing him in the Hall of Fame. Ending his career with 26.2 points per game, Gervin paved the way for players such as Kevin Durant.


  1. Klay Thompson

Thompon is a 3 time NBA Champion! You might think this is enough to push him higher up this list but we are looking at more than just titles in this article. Thompson currently has an average point per game score of 19.5, which is well below the others on this list.


Don’t dismiss Thompson yet though, as he is the second-best shooter in our current games!


  1. Ray Allen

Our last hero on the list is 2 time NBA Champion, Ray Allen. Allen is an amazing shooter able to create baskets from unbelievable situations. He currently has an all-time point per game avenger of 18.9, but he still has time to boost these numbers and climb higher on our list.


Allen has been in the All-Star games 10 times and is proudly displayed in the Hall of Fame.



Every player on this list is outstanding, and just because some are lower down than others doesn’t mean they are terrible shooting guards. Our list is to show everyone the amazing shooting guards throughout the whole of NBA history, and every person on this list is a legend in their own right.


Praise these amazing players and how they handle this spectacular game.


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