Top 10 Moments In A Brilliant Browns Season

#4 “Houston We Have A Problem!”

Coming off their bye week, the Browns would be without their star receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who would be out the remaining part of the season due to injury. However, they would get back their powerhouse running back Nick Chubb and that would turn out to be a very big deal. In a game that was delayed at the start because of severe weather and hail, the Browns and Texans struggled to find the end zone. But Chubb scored a touchdown early in the 4th quarter to take the 10-0 lead. After the Texans scored a late touchdown, the Browns had about five minutes left to kill the clock and they did. Behind running backs Kareem Hunt and Chubb, the Browns were able to get several first downs. With the Browns still at their 40-yard line, Chubb got a huge 59-yard run and seemed to be going in for the touchdown when he ran out of bounds at the one-yard line of the Texans. Without the Texans having a timeout to use at this point in the game, the Browns were able to take a knee and end the game all because of Chubb’s unbelievably unselfish play.

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