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Breaking news, Kyrie Irving is returning to the Q for the first time tonight to face off against the Cavs.  I know this may shock some of you guys, but it is happening.

I am sure we have all thought for months now, since Kyrie requested out of Cleveland, how he would be received his first time back.

Kyrie left in the middle of the greatest run this franchise has ever had.  He was the key part, he was the guy who was eventually going to take over once Lebron left (whenever that may be).  Instead, after the draft and Free Agency he decided to ask for a trade.

It was a weird move considering just a month prior he was praising how big of a teammate LeBron was at the podium after game 5 of the NBA finals.  He still hasn’t come out and said exactly why he left Cleveland.  He says it was for happiness, which is hard to understand considering that he went to three straight NBA finals and was the guy who hit the shot to give the Cavs their one championship out of those three appearances.

Let’s talk about that shot.

That shot gave Cleveland its first title in 52 years.  It ended the title drought that was the butt of all sports jokes.  It gave the city of Cleveland something most have never felt and gave the fans of Cleveland the ability to walk with their chest out and their head a little higher than normal.

Kyrie was the first guy after LeBron, he was the guy who was going to lead the franchise back to the playoffs since LeBron left a couple years prior.

He was Cleveland’s guy, when the team was struggling he was the only bright spot on a miserable team. He went through countless GMs and head coaches.  He struggled to play with LeBron at the beginning but eventually figured things out and won a championship.

When talking about the Cavs, everyone will speak of LeBron and how he came back and won his hometown a title.  Whether you like it or not Kyrie will always be number two.  He will eventually have his number retired and he will be honored one day in Cleveland with cheers.

I think the Cavs are right to give Kyrie a tribute video, even with the drama this offseason he has done great things for the organization and is one of the all-time greats.

The question for all fans that are going to be at the Q tonight will be… To boo or not to boo?

I think everyone who pays for a ticket has their own right to boo or cheer as they please.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I understand if most Cleveland fans are still angry about the way Kyrie exited town.

If it were me in the arena tonight, I would clap and cheer after the tribute video and then boo all freaking night until my voice runs out.

Regardless of what you do tonight, hopefully we can finally prove to Kyrie that we are a “real live sports city”.

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