Tonight’s The Night – Not Dexter…It’s The Browns That Must Have The Killer Attitude

Well, the newest episode of Dexter New Blood airs during the Browns game tonight. Don’t worry, I will stay loyal and watch Rocky. Seriously, if Sylvester Stallone and Michael C. Hall were both drowning in the same pool, I don’t know what I would do. Maybe ask for a photo and autograph?

OK! Jokes aside – there is a game tonight that is extremely important for the remainder of the Browns season. It’s against the Baltimore Ravens on the road. The Ravens currently sit at 7-3 while the Browns are 6-5. The AFC North and really the AFC, in general, is a jumbled mess.

The Browns are coming off a 13-10 home win over the now 0-10-1 Lions. That game was uglier than a Dexter kill and that’s saying something. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was horrible and further injured himself. The Browns played sloppily and allowed the Lions an invitation to almost win the game.

On the other side, the Ravens barely beat the now 4-7 Bears on the road by a score of 16-13.

Tonight’s The Night.

It’s an opportunity for Mayfield, coach Stefanski and company to prove that this team is for real. A true contender in the AFC North. Under the lights against one of the best, the Browns have to have that killer attitude. The Eye of the Tiger, so to speak.

No, let’s not actually kill any members of the Ravens despite this intense rivalry. Instead, let’s play a well-executed game on both sides of the ball. Limit the mistakes, make the throws, avoid dropping the ball and call the proper plays at the right time.

Yeah, I’ll watch the newest episode of Dexter on Showtime tomorrow. No spoilers! Let’s make tonight one to remember as Browns fans. A huge win that could potentially save the season.

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