To Start or Not to Start

Kenny Britt (@KennyBritt_18) has been the talk of the town after his disappointing Cleveland debut in last Sunday’s home opener. He recorded just one catch for 13 yards, but the bigger story is the play that didn’t happen. It was late in the game and the Browns were trailing the Steelers 21-10 when DeShone Kizer hit Britt with a perfect pass right in the gut. It was 2nd and 19 and he was wide open on a slant up the middle for the first down, but then it happened. The veteran took his eyes off the ball and dropped it, essentially killing the drive.

At the beginning of the week, Hue Jackson hinted at Britt losing his starting role after his “inexcusable” drop. Jackson even went on…

“I’ve had some great ones (receivers) in this league drop balls, but we can’t do that to a young quarterback because he needs his guys to make as many plays for him as they can in this situation.”

I couldn’t agree more with this quote so that brings up the question, should Kenny Britt start?

I believe he should because like all receivers, they drop passes. It’s a natural part of the game. Sitting Britt for one play after one game is a little dramatic. The wideout was only targeted three times and I’m not making an excuse. I just wanted to point that out to prove that their chemistry still needs to grow. Not to mention only three receivers registered catches and everything else went to tight ends or running backs.

Also, let’s not forget that Kenny racked up 1,002 yards on 68 receptions just one season ago. That’s why Cleveland offered him a four-year contract worth $32 million. We must not let one performance define his Browns career. I have no doubt that Britt will redeem himself on more than one occasion. Even Kizer agrees as he was quoted saying the veteran is “going to make some big plays” throughout the year. Even Britt has put this in the past.

“It’s been behind me. That’s nine years in the league, you don’t get there for no reason.”

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