​As I write this article, the Cleveland Browns are 6-3 and contending for their first division title since 1989. But you would not know that judging by social media posts and sports call-in shows on terrestrial radio. Cleveland Browns fans have a level of neurosis that would puzzle Doctor Phil. As a Browns fan myself, I can understand how we got to that point. However, I can’t understand why Browns fans can’t move on from the past. The news broke this morning that Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is out for the season with a broken bone in his throwing shoulder.

​The news of Watson is devasting for Browns fans and the team. What doesn’t help us is the national sports media and the obvious lack of respect for the Browns and their fans. I will admit that the national media treatment of the Browns was a lot worse prior to 2020. That’s because the team was terrible for over twenty years. And fans talked themselves into the likes of Brandon Weeden being a good quarterback. It was a dark time and the much-wanted respect and recognition from the national media wasn’t earned. This was while the Browns were stuck in 3–6-win purgatory for at least a decade.

Prior to that losing seasons were a regular occurrence from the 1999 expansion. The team now must move forward with PJ Walker at quarterback.

To be positive PJ Walker is 2-1 as a starter for the Browns this season and the defense will keep us in games. Meanwhile, the local media was more positive for coverage of the Browns. But they had to be honest about the on-field product at the time. It is hard to stay positive when the team is not winning. It can be argued that some local Browns reporters have an agenda. I believe a large majority of them do honest reporting. We live in a unique time with constant information being available.

Today’s clickbait and hot takes are the norm. Whether they are accurate or not, the constant barrage of posts doesn’t stop. Fans and national pundits race to be first with an opinion, but they don’t race to be accurate. A microsome of this was last Sunday afternoon. The Browns trailed almost the entire game against the Ravens. But in the end, they were victorious in Baltimore on a last-second field. On social media in a span of a mere 3 hours, the Cleveland Browns went from the worst team ever to a Super Bowl team. It was a miracle that would make a tent revival scream “Hallelujah”! And these are fans of the team. They have passion and care about the Browns, which is great. But don’t let your passion be blinding.

Since training camp, I have written that the 2023 Cleveland Browns are a good team. I made no predictions on record or championships. And I am not going to start making predictions now. However, I am not surprised by the teams’ record. Some people might be surprised. The thing to remember is that the Browns cannot go back and change the past. Neither can the fans. Also, the Browns and their fans cannot let other people’s opinions dictate who they are. The Cleveland Browns dictate who they are on the field. And they will take the field next Sunday in Cleveland against Pittsburgh. And the rest of the season will continue.

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