March 4, 2024

Time to Hit “Panic Button” With Deshaun Watson?


Well, the reports are out and it appears that Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is not going to be playing on Sunday against the 49ers with a contusion to his rotator cuff in his right shoulder (bruised shoulder).

Frankly, fans are not happy. Can’t blame them.

This comes after two weeks ago when Watson sat out the game against the Baltimore Ravens and the Browns ended up losing that one by a score of 28-3 in Cleveland. The idea with that was Watson would get the entire bye week time to recover and would be ready to go for Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, a team that is 5-0 and able to come and destroy the Browns…

A lot of people are questioning Watson’s toughness and motivation as a member of The Dawgs with what is taking place now.

Let’s be honest, Watson signed a five-year 230 million dollar contract with the Browns and that’s guaranteed money. The dude is making a lot of cash just chillin’ on the sideline while backups stink it up in Cleveland.

There’s a chance Watson is truly very injured and needs to sit out. However, a fanbase should never have to question a player, especially a quarterback’s will to win. That’s what everyone is doing here in The Land.

Watson has played nine games in a Browns uniform so far. Six last season after serving that 11-game suspension to start the year and three so far this season before said injury. Honestly, the quarterback hasn’t been good or bad with the team so far. Nothing that would have fans extremely excited for the future, though.

Where the Browns made such a huge mistake is making all of the money guaranteed in Watson’s contract. This makes performance not necessarily a motivator. The money is coming no matter what happens.

Now, is it time to hit the panic button?

Not quite yet. *Hits panic button in bedroom* Only kidding, let’s calm down.

Watson could come back from this injury, thrive and show his Houston-like self as a member of the Browns. The quarterback could win games, lead the team to the playoffs and eventually to a Super Bowl.

We all can dream, right?

It feels like that is certainly a process with this franchise and it starts with getting this pass-thrower healthy and able to play.

Well, for now, it’s more of a “wait and see.” Reported that Watson is out this week, well, what about next week in Indianapolis against the Colts, or the following game in Seattle versus the Seahawks? See where this is going?

The Browns made such a huge gamble with this contract and hopefully five years from now it won’t be one that is looked upon with regret but instead is celebrated here in these parts.

Can’t Wait.

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