It’s time, folks.

The Cleveland Indians have been keeping their head above water (barely) in the early season months of April and May. However, their offense has been borderline unwatchable.

The Tribe has been searching for consistent production from anyone not named Carlos Santana so far this year and no one has been able to step up to the plate. Not only is Santana the only Indian hitting over .300 this year, but Tyler Naquin has the best batting average of the outfielders, hitting only a measly .260.

One possible solution to jump-start the offensive production from the outfield is to sign veteran Matt Kemp, who was released from the Cincinnati Reds earlier this week.

Since the Dolan’s are unlikely willing to spend the money it would take to sign somebody like Kemp for the rest of the year, a more reasonable solution is to bring up youngster Oscar Mercado who is currently hitting .284 at Triple-A Columbus.

Mercado showed flashes of brilliance in his minor league career so far and he possesses a great combination of speed, hitting and defensive capabilities. Last year, between two different minor league teams, he batted a combined .278 with 37 steals, 8 homers and 47 RBI.

While it still remains to be seen if the power will show up for Mercado on the big league level, he is someone that can at least get on base and put himself in scoring position with his elite speed.

The bottom line is that the Indians’ window is closing and we need to recognize that the time is now to contend for a championship, so rather than bringing this kid up in September, why not bring him up now and see what kind of spark he can provide? It certainly can’t make the Tribe’s offense perform worse than it already has.

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