April 15, 2024

Time Served: It’s A Real Question In Regards to Deshaun Watson


As we close in on the end of July and continue to wait on a punishment announcement for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, there is a big question that needs to be answered. First, let’s review:

Via The Kansas City Star: “Watson has been accused by two dozen massage therapists in Texas of sexual misconduct, and the three-time Pro Bowler faces possible punishment from league disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson, who has been weighing his case for weeks.”

I recently wrote an article on Watson saying essentially it felt as if the tables have turned in favor of the star quarterback. You can read that piece by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Anyway, something that needs to be taken into account and is not always referenced when talking about Watson and the possible punishment is…time served. After all, the quarterback sat out all of last season (2021) when still a member of the Houston Texans because of all the allegations against him. He was being paid by the Texans.

Thus, Mrs. Robinson could use this as a factor in regards to the punishment saying that Watson already has served an entire year-long “suspension” so to speak. Now, the league did not suspend him officially, but it could be an influence. Maybe something along the lines of having to pay back last year’s salary as part of the punishment?

One could say, “Well, Watson already sat out an entire season thus another full season as a punishment would be too extreme. This means Watson should only get say six games total instead of something so harsh like another full season.”

Obviously, that’s a hypothetical and not an actual quote.

I’ve always said that the reason this is taking so long is that the NFL is extremely afraid of the NFLPA and what the league, Watson and his cohort could do in regards to possibly suing the league for whatever punishment is given. The league isn’t going to come out and say it, but that is certainly a factor that is taken into account.

On the flip side, it was a choice to have Watson on paid leave the entire previous season and not an official punishment that is given by the league. Thus, it could be argued that it shouldn’t influence any type of suspension moving forward because he chose to do it himself.

Also, let it be known that Watson is allowed to participate in training camp and preseason games regardless of any suspension of regular season games.

As I write in every article. Can we just get a decision, please? It’s unfair to the Browns, Watson himself and everyone involved. Mrs. Robinson, let’s get to it!


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