I forgot about Tiger Woods.

Okay, not like actually forgot about him, but he was a part of the past. The greatest golfer of all-time that fell from grace. Multiple surgeries, extra-marital affairs, a divorce and a crash with his SUV. He even pleaded guilty to a DUI while falling asleep behind the wheel.

When I was a kid, there were those who actually cared about golf and then the rest of us who just wanted to see how Tiger was doing because that was all that really mattered. Truly, a polarizing figure since his career started in the ’90s.

I never thought Tiger Woods would win again, let alone a Major such as the Masters. It’s his 15th Major Title, 5th Masters Win, but it’s the first in 11 years.

What a comeback.

Tiger made plenty of mistakes. He let down his family, his friends, his fans…the list goes on and on. Part of the beauty of life is our ability to forgive and forget. I’m sure Tiger has repented.

Time truly does heal everything.

Speaking of time, the Cleveland Browns have not made the playoffs since the 2002 season. While football is a team sport, individual names such as Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., and Myles Garrett stick out and are on the backs of jerseys here in Cleveland.

The team looks finally poised to make a run after the wizardry of GM John Dorsey these past few seasons.

Frankly, there were times where I’m certain Tiger Woods felt hopeless. Where his fans believed he’d never put on a Green Jacket again. It was a mess for many years.

However, he did it. He won on the biggest stage against the best competition.

As Browns fans, we’ve watched years of terrible football. Before my time, many witnessed even worse heartbreak. It felt like this team and city were cursed until that changed in 2016, but a completely different sport.

It appears as if the Browns have the Eye of the Tiger, the edge that it takes to compete for a Super Bowl.

We love the orange. From the helmet and uniform, it’s a representation of this great part of the country. A tiger is also orange and Tiger Woods did what not many people could do and that is make such a profound and epic comeback after falling from grace.

Tiger won. Now, it’s time for the Browns to collectively as a team put all the years of misery and shame behind them, just as Tiger did, and win for these fans because we deserve it.

The Browns have been the laughingstock of the NFL for many years and Tiger Woods was the punch line for jokes. He changed the narrative of his life, so why can’t the Cleveland Browns do the same?

Congratulations, Tiger. Next up, your Cleveland Browns.

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