March 4, 2024

Thursday Night Football: Browns In and We’re In


This Thursday, December 28, 2023, the Cleveland Browns will play their final home game of the 2023 NFL football regular season. They will be going up against the New York Jets starting around 8:15 p.m.

Even though Baltimore defeated the 49ers over the weekend, the Cleveland Browns still have a chance for the one seed and the AFC North title. They would need Baltimore to lose their final two games against Miami and Pittsburgh. The Browns would also need the Dolphins to lose to the Bills in week 18. For all of that to happen, the Browns must also win out.

Sitting at a 10-5 record the Browns have the leading Wild Card slot as the 5th seed. Regardless of division and one seed, if the Browns defeat the Jets, they will have solidified a playoff spot and also will solidify the highest Wild Card seed.

The Browns would then be able to sit starters for the last regular season game in Cincinnati. This would only be if Baltimore wins their next game since then the division and 1 seed would unfortunately no longer be available to us.

Cleveland Browns Stadium is expected to be in a ‘White Out’ for this final home game as the Browns will be wearing their all-white anniversary jerseys, followed by their white helmets.

All I have to say is the Browns are back! Even through all of our injuries, we are continuing to push through this season. Win against the Jets and the Browns are in the postseason! The stadium is going to be electric as this will be one of the most electric atmospheres this stadium will ever experience. Let’s finish the job and go 1-0!

Let’s Go Browns!!!

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