Three Things To Watch In Tonight’s Cavs Preseason Game


New Players, New Rotations

The Cavs ran 30 different starting lineups last year. That’s absolutely preposterous.

There’s been a ton of turnover since last season’s trade deadline. Out of all the new additions, the one with the most potential to provide a significant upgrade at any position is rookie, Collin Sexton. He’s not in the starting lineup, but I expect Sexton to play significant minutes tonight. Unless he plays extremely poor these next couple weeks, I’d be shocked if he isn’t the starting point guard when the season begins. I don’t see how they could draft him that high to sit behind George Hill.

Other than that, Kevin Love is the only player I’d pin as a guaranteed starter for the regular season. The rest of the roster needs to prove their worth to the team. I could see Ty Lue experimenting with multiple lineups off the bench early in the preseason. Lue didn’t even announce the starting lineup until a few days ago, so there’s no way the rest of his rotations could be set already.

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