Three Things To Watch In Tonight’s Cavs Preseason Game


Cavs’ Offensive Pace

During his media availability yesterday, Channing Frye talked about how the key for their offense to be successful is to run fast through passing the ball. That’s essentially what every team says they need to do, but it’s especially true here in Cleveland.¬†As much as LeBron tries to talk about pushing the pace on offense, whenever he’s on the court, he will always slow it down and run half court sets.

With LeBron on the team, the Cavs primarily forced smaller defenders to switch onto LeBron and then let him go to work. They’ll still be able to create these mismatches, but they do not have a sole player that can generate their offense to the same caliber that LeBron did.

Since LeBron’s no longer around, it will be interesting to see how Ty Lue changes the offense and how much faster of a pace they’ll utilize.

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