February 27, 2024

Three Things LeBron’s Locker Room Etiquette Tells Us


Hey, Cleveland! By now you have likely heard the story of how LeBron James was seen cleaning up the locker room at Quicken Loans Arena after Saturday night’s preseason game. In case you missed the story, the short version is while Kyrie Irving was talking to the media, LBJ was wandering around the locker room picking up teammates’ laundry bags. He respectfully handed the bags to the locker room attendant saying, “Hopefully I only have to say something once. Can’t leave the locker room like that.”

This simple act by someone with James’ mega star status is more than just a nice anecdote, it tells us more about James and the kind of person he is behind all the hype.

1. James respects others – In an age when so few people respect anyone, including themselves, it is encouraging to see a small act of decency coming from a man of LeBron’s stature. It is also a reminder to all of us – just be nice. It literally costs nothing to treat other human beings with simple kindness and dignity.

2. LeBron has more humility inside of him than many people believe – Since his days at St. Vincent St. Mary’s, talk of LeBron’s mega-sized ego has been prevalent. I didn’t know him then and I don’t know him now, but I do know that if you are cleaning up after someone else, you can’t be that terribly full of yourself.

3. LeBron is a dad, just like all of the other dads in the world who tell their kids to clean up their own messes. Ahhh the scolding from dad, if you have every received one, you haven’t forgotten it. Now imagine that scolding coming at you from a three-time World Champion; I am sincerely glad that I won’t be around when the messy Cavaliers hear about their dirty laundry.

I hope that LBJ’s offending teammates receive his message and heed his advice, to do otherwise would be uncivilized.


Image Credit: greenhitz.com

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