November 28, 2022

Three Takeaways from the Browns-Panthers Game

The Cleveland Browns started the week as 2.5-point underdogs to the Carolina Panthers. Entering the game, though, they closed that gap and the line was even, simply meaning this game was a toss-up. Well, the toss was in favor of the Browns this Sunday as Baker Mayfield & Co. defended their home turf in a 26-20 win.

With that being said, here are three takeaways from today’s game:

The Browns have struck gold in finding Breshad Perriman. Originally drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, Perriman struggled to stay on the field and produce while on it. After being declared a bust by nearly everyone, he found a new home in Cleveland. Securing two catches for 81 yards (making him the leading receiver), he was a big reason why the Browns squeezed this game out. Not only did he have a good game stat-wise, but he also allows the Browns to stretch the field and on certain occasions, allow him to be a decoy to get other receivers open.

Baker Mayfield’s arm talent is off the charts. Throughout the entire draft process, Mayfield was slandered for his “weak arm,” but that only proved that those individuals did not watch his collegiate games. Today’s game is not an outlier, this is what Baker Mayfield is: an absolute baller. He woke up feeling dangerous today, completing passes of 66 and 51 yards, the latter going for a touchdown. Mayfield put the 51-yarder on a rope while rolling out to the left and resetting his feet.

Final stat line: 18/22 (81.8%), 238 yards, one touchdown, zero interceptions.

Mayfield’s 61-yard pass to Breshad Perriman:

Offensive Coordinator Freddie Kitchens is legit. On a weekly basis, I’ve found myself being extremely impressed with his play designs and creativity. He’s been consistent in giving the players many opportunities to make plays and they’ve been capitalizing for the most part. A lot of Cleveland’s players have been vocal in their relationship with him. Kitchens specifically asks his players what plays they would like to run and what they’re comfortable with doing. Today was a good example of that. Also, don’t completely count out the Browns’ organization bringing him back next year.

One of Kitchens’ brilliant play designs:

Image: Fox

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