THREE Potential First Round Trade Partners for the Browns


Pick #21 – Seattle Seahawks

Why would the Seahawks do this?

The Seahawks just paid QB Russell Wilson and drafting a first round player means paying him first-round money. By trading back, they can play with their cap space and stay competitive in the market and build around Wilson.

Why would the Browns do this?

The price to move up to #21 will not be as bad as #13. Moving up to here would either be for LB Devin Bush or DT Jeffery Simmons, two players who fill needs for the team and can easily go to any number of teams in the 22 – 32 range. An added bonus is that pick #22 belongs to the Baltimore Ravens. Getting in front of the Ravens and making sure they don’t get Bush or Simmons may be the best part of this move.

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