March 4, 2024

Three Major Needs the Browns must Address to Remain Contenders


Coming off a bye week, the Browns sit at 2-2 in third place in the division. Even if they lost this week they still would be third, because at least right now they hold the tiebreaker over the Bengals, who sit in fourth. With 1st place in the division being 3-2, this is clearly the most wide-open the division is going to be. Here are three major needs the Browns must address, to remain contenders for the division title

Number one is clearly going to be RB. With Nick Chubb’s injury, the RB core has looked very poor. Even after the signing of Kareem Hunt and the solid games from Jerome Ford clearly the Browns need something to replace Chubb. The first option was going to be Johnathan Taylor, but he signed a massive deal with the Colts, meaning they are most likely not going to trade him. The next best option is going to be Josh Jacobs from the Raiders. Coming off a massive year where he led the league in yards with 1,653, and a nice 12 touchdowns, Jacobs clearly is a pretty good player. The Raiders aren’t very good either, sitting at near the bottom of their division. Jacobs is going to be a rental though, as he is still playing on a one-year deal, but he is the closest thing to Chubb.

The second biggest need is going to be LT. The Browns left tackle Jedrick Wills has been very poor, basically giving up on some plays. He clearly has not been very good and needs to be replaced. Playing at such an important position, because tackle protects the QB from the edge players who are usually the best on the d-line, having someone bad there is just not going to work. Players like Jake Matthews from the Falcons or Kaleb McGary who is also from the Falcons. Kaleb is, according to PFF, the second-best run blocking tackle which would bode well with our new RB. Neither one would be too insanely hard to get and we could realistically get one without spending too much money. Either one would be great in my mind, or maybe someone not on this list might be nice.

The third and final position the Browns need to address is QB. Now I don’t mean replacing Watson, I mean getting a new backup QB. Watching DTR play was awful and he is a 5th round rookie so we must cut him some slack, but he looked terrible. Having a solid backup QB would be great, just in case Watson is unable to play a game like the first time. Having a nice backup at least gives us a somewhat decent chance to stay competitive in the game. While there are no very good free-agent QBs, a player like Tyrod Taylor from the Giants or Marcus Mariota from the Eagles might be good trade candidates. Even just getting an okay backup would help a lot, since I’d rather not roll out a 5th round rookie as the starter again.

Those are three positions the Browns should focus on improving, if they would like to remain contenders for winning this division. With how wide open the division is with how many teams are struggling, this is the time for the Browns to go all in and try and win. It’s not like we’re gonna use our draft picks to select a franchise QB that actually works out, am I right? (sorry bad joke). This is the best chance the Browns are going to have, and as a famous rapper once said, “You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

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