Thoughts on the Cavs After First Affair

There was some good…

And a lot of bad…

However, that is to be expected in this post-LeBron era 2.0. This is the definition of a rebuilding year and that’s just the way it began.

The Magic won, 94-85, but there was this feeling throughout the majority of the game that the home team had it in control the entire time. The Cavs shot 37% from the floor and that’s not going to cut it, simply put. Even worse, 26.5% from deep…terrible.

It’s strange that PF Tristan Thompson tied for the lead in scoring with 16 points. I wonder how many times that happened in the LeBron/Kyrie era? Sometimes, TT wouldn’t even score a single hoop!

The story of this season is – will TT and K Love end up getting traded and if so, how much will the Cavs get in return?

TT had 16 points and Love had 18 rebounds. Not a bad start for a potential audition to other teams’ front offices.

Rookie point guard Darius Garland finished with eight points on 3/9 shooting.

It was nice to see the Cavs fight all the way to the end. The team kept the game competitive throughout and that’s important.

Predicting the final record of this team is tough without knowing if the team shoots for the playoffs with guys like Love and TT, or trades them for future assets…

Keep everyone and maybe they’ll sniff the .500 mark. Trade away and it’s going to be an ugly year. However, the team will learn a lot from it.

To win games…

The team must shoot better from inside and out.

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