February 25, 2024

Thoughts On Jabrill Peppers From A Buckeye Fan


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On Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns traded down from the number 12 overall pick to number 25. That is where they took Heisman finalist and Michigan (also known as “TTUN”) safety, Jabrill Peppers. And like most Brown fans who also wear Scarlet and Gray on Saturdays, I was left stunned.

“Did we really just trade from 12 where we could’ve picked Malik Hooker? Or even Johnathan Allen to take Jabrill freaking Peppers? A guy who doesn’t even have a true position?” That was the exact thought running through my mind in that moment and for the next two hours.

However, after I calmed down and looked at the big picture, I was okay with it. I like it. All Buckeye bias aside, this kid is a polarizing athlete. He can play football.

I’ll admit it, the number one reason is because he played for TTUN. I have no problem admitting that’s the main reason for my disdain of him. Is that childish? Yeah, probably. But that’s what this rivalry does.

Aside from him being a Wolverine, he has character issues. Even most Michigan fans will tell you has some growing up to do. Going back to November, following ‘The Game’ at The Shoe, he shoved a Buckeye fan on his way to the locker room. There were also rumbles of him being unnecessarily rude towards opposing team’s staffers at road games. Multiple women at the University of Michigan said he gave them…well, you know. Something you don’t exactly want in an area you don’t want it. He sat out the Orange Bowl due to an injury that many questioned even happened. Then the diluted urine sample at the combine.

Is he just a young, 21-year old kid who has some maturing to do? Or is he another star athlete that just doesn’t get it and never will?

As a Browns fan, I’m rooting for this kid. As a Buckeye fan, I’m rooting for this kid. He has so many skills that make him one of the most versatile players we have ever seen. He’s 6’1, 214 lbs, ran a 4.46 at the combine and put up 19 reps on the bench press. You can line him up literally anywhere on the field. The sky is the limit for what he can accomplish in this league. But like all of these young men, he has to want it. He has to prove himself and eliminate doubt in the eyes of the skeptical fans like myself.

We, as Browns fans, need to remember one thing. Above all else, he is a Cleveland Brown. Like all of these young men, he deserves to succeed at this level. The Browns will find a spot for him. Whether it is with Gregg Williams on defense, Hue plugging him in on offense or returning punts and kicks at a Josh Cribbs-like level.

If he works hard and keeps his head on straight, he’ll have a spot on this team. But most importantly, he’ll have a spot in the hearts of Browns fans.

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