Thought it Could be Bad…But This Bad?

The Cleveland Browns were absolutely destroyed by the Baltimore Ravens in this AFC North Week 1 matchup. The entirety leading up to the game, I attempted to temper my expectations for what the outcome would be. After all, there was no preseason and the Ravens went 14-2 in 2019. Plus, the game was in Baltimore and the Browns have a new head coach in Kevin Stefanski.

However, part of being a Browns fan is secretly having unrealistic dreams for the team. A little part of me thought QB Baker Mayfield and company could shock the world and win this opener on the road. Potentially giving Browns fans alike something to be happy about for once.

Good one.

So, it started off with an interception…

Had a couple missed kicks, plenty of penalties, very little defense, dropped passes, fake punts gone wrong, fumbles and more. The Ravens didn’t even have to try in order to take command and absolutely obliterate the Browns in Baltimore.

Fake Punt Gone Wrong…

38-6, the final score.

I was prepared as much as possible to take a loss. Taming the little part of me with unrealistic expectations. No way did I think the team would drop this one by getting literally destroyed.

Losing by 32 points…crazy.

What’s interesting is the Browns don’t even have a full week to recover as Cincinnati comes to town for a Thursday night affair. No way are the Bengals anywhere near as good as the Ravens, yet our guys always seem to find a way to disappoint the fans.

A loss on Thursday would seriously be like getting stabbed in the heart. It will take a lot for the Browns to recover from what happened in Baltimore, though. Makes me and certainly other fans a bit nervous moving ahead…

In my lifetime, the Browns are 1-20-1 in opening games. Just take a moment and think about how bad that is…Even if a team tried to lose first games, one would think they’d snag a win here or there over the years…nope. Only in ’04 versus these same Ravens. The last road opening game win came in 1994 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

26 years ago!

By no means am I trying to say the season is done or to give up on these guys. Simply that a start like this is incredibly disappointing for fans that weren’t necessarily banking on a victory but a competitive game. That weren’t necessarily expecting perfection, especially without a preseason to tune-up and whatnot, but at least a team that was competitive on the gridiron.

Here’s to another amazing 20+ years of openers!!!


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