March 4, 2024

Though the winning streak is over, the Cavs had won Eight-Straight games even with injuries


The Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Milwaukee Bucks last night by a final score of 126-116. Although they did not win this game, it was probably close to time for their winning streak to end. The Cavaliers were on an eight-game winning streak before falling to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night and they were doing this even with injuries.

The Cavs were finding ways to win games without both PG Darius Garland and PF Evan Mobley. Though the winning streak just ended, it was fun while it lasted. We aren’t expecting the Cavs to win out, but we do expect them to play a heavy playoff run (hopefully past the first round this time).

The Cavs currently hold a record of (26-16) 10 games above .500 and are currently sitting at the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference.

There is still plenty of ball left in this season as we hope to get our team healthy again soon. The Cavs next game is a rematch against the Bucks Friday at 8:00 p.m. Let’s see if the Cavs can bounce back and find some more games to win…or games to steal!

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