Basketball star Kyrie Irving is smarter than most people think. Yes, I say this even after his post that has caused much trouble for him these past few days.

I wrote details on this that you can read BY CLICKING HERE.

Now, if Kyrie does the following, he will be allowed back on the Nets. This is following the Nets/NBA giving him a five game suspension without pay.

This is what Kyrie knew.

Despite the fact that he already has 4.6 million followers that see his content posted on Twitter, he knew what would happen after the link to a certain documentary was posted.

It was offensive and would explode throughout the entire freakin’ world. And just like that, it did. Thus, for whatever reasons he wanted people to view that specific documentary, they certainly have…

Here’s what I wonder.

How many *MORE* people viewed the documentary because of the explosion of media companies reporting on the suspension, the dropping from certain companies, the slander from people/influencers/organizations?

Compared to just simply a link that people could click on and come to conclusions if they wanted to do so…

For whatever his reasons were, he wanted people to view this documentary. We may never know his exact agenda despite what he ends up saying.

If you search “Kyrie Irving” on Google, every single major news source source has a story on him and what he posted. Every single news outlet likely spoke on air about him. It absolutely exploded.

This was especially true after a suspension by the NBA was announced. The main point in my first article on their mistakes too.

Notice how in this article there is no mentioning of what the actual name of the documentary is. That it is up to the readers to find it. (Won’t be hard)

Kyrie is taking some hits from this by the aforementioned suspension without pay, getting dropping by NIKE and losing a shoe deal. He was apparently ready for that to happen for this desire…

From a basketball standpoint, the Nets are 4-6 and likely will struggle without Kyrie on the floor these games.

NIKE is going to lose money by dropping Kyrie. The NBA is going to lose money by suspending Kyrie. That’s their losses. Kyrie will come back, continue to ball out (26.9 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 5.1 ASG on 45.3% shooting) and be a star in the league.

What’s most disappointing is that he “won.” Not a game. Not a title.

It is that the population will view this documentary so much more than simply the tweet he originally made with the link. That was his goal and it worked and will continue to work as time goes on.

However, there are no true winners in this incident. He got to spread his false and dangerous beliefs and will continue to be an NBA superstar. The magnitude of damage resulting from his actions is impossible to measure- due to the amount of people he may have influenced.

On a personal note – I am reminded often of the lasting effects of the holocaust. Each time I visit my grandmother and see the picture of her as a young child with her loving parents. Her parents’ lives were unfortunately cut short soon after.

For Education Link on The Holocaust CLICK HERE 

Kyrie took the sacrifice in regards to the lack of play and endorsements for his personal agenda. It worked.

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