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Updated: June 7, 2017

Time. It can be our friend or foe. We can embrace it or attempt to rebel against it. Some live in the past while others live only for the future. There are twenty-four hours in a day. How we spend those hours determines our happiness, healthiness, the relationships we have and ultimately our legacy.

As Cleveland sports fans, we were trapped for decades between living in the past and looking toward the future. That all changed on June 19, 2016. When the Cavaliers brought us our first championship in 52 years, it literally changed everything. The need to dwell on the past evaporated. The feeling of always having to wait on the future disappeared. We could live in the present day and that hasn’t changed in 2017.

If you’ve given up on this Cavs team and are already looking to next season, shame on you. That is thinking from the past. Embrace this moment, just like you should embrace this day in your own life. Yes, the Cavs chances of winning the title have taken a huge hit but look around. This team is playing in its third straight finals. We have the greatest player of all time on our team in LeBron James. King James is 32-years-old and seemingly at his peak. Don’t take anything for granted, Cleveland.

This is the time and the era in Cleveland sports that we have all been waiting for. For many of us, we’ve been waiting our whole lives for this. The Cavs are the headliners, but the Indians and Browns are doing things that we’ve been waiting on for years as well. The Indians signed the biggest free agent in their history after a World Series appearance and the Browns have stability in the front office and a solid rebuild occurring.

In sports as in your life, don’t get lost in the details. Subscribe to the old adage: Learn from yesterday, live for today and plan for tomorrow. This is your day and THIS is our time.


Rod Bluhm is a Senior Writer for Cleveland Sports Talk

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