Normally you’d see me writing articles that feature heavy statistical analysis to explain my point. Well, just hours after Game 2 has ended, I’m still a little salty and wanted to make sure I can capture all the feelings I currently have. First things first, though, anyone saying the series is over or the Cavs are done should know one statistic. The Cavs have played better in the first two games these finals than they did last year. Yep, through two games last year, the Cavs had a point differential of -48; this season that number is -43.

We all know how last year turned out.

I’m still holding out how I feel until after Game 3. A trivial idea I know, but a 2-1 series deficit is much more manageable than 3-0 deficit.

But this Golden State team just isn’t fair.

Just look at this:

The Warriors almost traded Klay Thompson in a package deal for Kevin Love three seasons ago, balked at the deal, then signed him to a below-market deal. Steph Curry had dealt with ankle injuries for the first half of his career, which led to another below-market deal. They draft Draymond Green in the second round and sign him to a below-market deal. Those three guys all peaked after they signed their extensions.

Then the Warriors blow a 3-1 lead to the Cavs in the finals, which means they need to get better to beat the King. Just think if the Warriors won the title last year, they never sign Durant, they have no need to do it and instead decide to bring back the group that just won.

Then there is the fact that the NBA signs a multi-billion dollar TV rights deal which causes the salary cap to jump by $20 million, which allows the Warriors to sign Durant, all because Durant and the Thunder blow a 3-1 lead to the Warriors.

WTF was that scenario? Hollywood throws that script out because it would never happen; it’s completely unrealistic.

Fast-forward to now. And the Warriors are on a quest of redemption and a quest of perfection. 16-0 in the playoffs, that’s never happened, and it’s just about the worst thing that could happen to the NBA. This is a bad look that a team just completely dominated the league and likely will continue to do so for the next five of so years. The NBA it’s FAN-tastic!!!

Let’s talk some Cavs in this article though; I get mad just thinking about the Warriors. You could argue that the Cavs could have won both games one and two, had they not turned the ball over in Game 1 and made threes in Game 2. The series moves back to Cleveland and they say the role players play better at home. The Cavs better hope that statement is true because the bench has given them nothing. And don’t even get me started on Tristan Thompson. Either way. the Cavs need some home cooking, I still think series is far from over, the window is closing quickly this season, and a quick exit would leave the Cavs with some big questions heading into the offseason. Number one being, how the hell do we beat the Warriors?

This is fine, this is all fine.

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